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Keep projects on track with continuous feedback


Keep projects on track with continuous feedback

Remain focused on your goals

Hold yourself accountable

Share updates early & often

Get a fast feedback loop on goals & results

Set your goals

1. Set goals

Lightweight & simple. Start tracking your projects as soon as you sign up.

Name owners

2. Pick owners

Assign goals to your teammates, we'll take care of sending reminders to them.

Get updates

3. Share weekly updates

Updates get shared every week so that you all know how you're tracking.

Lightweight status tracking for teams

Stop wasting time on updates. Squadlytics helps you track status in an easy and flexible way - whether it's for projects, OKRs or goals.

Easy, flexible status

Weekly checkins on goals & projects

Reminders are sent to your team when updates are due. Statuses are automatically downgraded if deadlines are passed - get rid of false positives.

Smart, accurate updates

Notifications for the things you care about

Subscribe to the goals you care about, get automatically notified when your team is reporting issues.

Notifications and reports

Transparency & history

Keep track of all the updates on a project and see the history at a glance. Get a single source of truth for your organization and never lose knowledge.

Transparency & history

All your projects in your pocket

Check the status of projects with our mobile app, get notifications pushed straight to your phone.

Mobile application

Squadlytics in action

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Get in sync with your team, today.

Start tracking your goals