Measure your release cycle

Check how your issues, code, builds and releases are doing at a glance.

Shane Fast

This is exactly what breaking down company silos is all about - everyone at all levels knows what is going on, no BS! This has provided our investors and stakeholders a massive amount of confidence in our ability to execute."

Shane Fast - CTO, Paper

How fast do you ship to your customers?

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Know your team flow

Squadlytics gives you insights on the critical parts of your release cycle. Check how your issues, code, builds and release are doing at a glance.

Alerts and notifications

Don't wait on your team to report issues. We detect anomalies and risks in your workflow and automatically share it with you. Stay on top of things and take care of bottlenecks early.

Easy to understand

DevOps and Continuous Delivery do not need fancy stats or obscure calculations. Our metrics are simple to understand for everyone in your organization.

Get data straight from your favorite tools

Jira SoftwareBitbucket CloudGithubHeroku

Focus on improving your release cycle

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Built for product teams

No need to waste time customizing your dashboards. We've selected key metrics for you so you can start getting actionable data right away.

A central health platform for your projects

Issues, code, builds, releases... It can take a lot of effort to keep track of things across different tools. Squadlytics offers you a simple and easy way to get updates on all your projects.

Automatic reporting

Get activity summaries across the teams you care about or inspect detailed metrics for a specific project. Squadlytics provides answers for everyone in an organization.

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